Welcome to the ELA 8 Wiki!
Here you will find the following:
  • Daily homework expectations (See "Quest 8 HW" or "ELA 8 HW" to the left.)
  • A place for each of you to blog about the course's core literature and other relevant reading that come your way. (See "Quest 8 Blogs" to the left.)
  • Supplemental readings, study questions, collaborative work/presentation space, and discussion boards for each of the major texts we will be reading this year. (See the list of works to the left. As the course progresses, more and more of these pages will become "active.")

Please respect the following guidelines for use of this wiki:
  • Although it is okay to disagree with someone's post on a discussion board or blog, you must at all times respond in a manner which is RESPECTFUL and which encourages continued discussion of the topic or issue.
  • Although you are invited to post links of interest to you, please keep them relevant to the course and appropriate for an academic forum.
  • Keep in mind that this forum is to be used for academic purposes only; please NO personal conversations or communications anywhere on this wikispace.
  • Failure to follow the above guidelines will cause you to lose access to this wiki.

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