Student Blogs

Congratulations! Each of you will have a space to blog about your literary adventures in Quest 8. By Friday evening of each week, you will submit two (2) posts to your student wiki page. Your two (2) posts should relate to the following:

  • ONE (1) current self-selected book AND

  • ONE (1) summary and commentary on a news articles in print or on the web, such as from The New York Times, PBS NewsHour Extra, USA Todayand CNN Student News Of course, if you find any other reliable news site, feel free to use it as well, OR

  • ONE (1) free choice (current class topics, peers' independent reading selections, and/or self-selected (but school appropriate)

Also, keep in mind that for each news article post, you must CITE your source using proper MLA format in order to receive full credit. Please utilize NoodleTools if you need help with the citation.

Please refer to the "Wiki Posts" rubric below to ensure you meet the weekly requirements.

To get started:

  1. Read my blog entry below as it shows you how to cite your news article post.

  2. Click on "Period 2 Wiki Posts," find your name, click on it, and it will redirect you to your wiki page.

  3. Click on "Add to Discussion" to begin posting. Make sure you give each post an appropriate title and proofread before you post.

Reminder: It's no fun blogging if no one is reading your entries, which is why your pages are available to any approved member of this wiki. You are encouraged to read the work of your peers and to provide feedback when appropriate. However, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Although it is okay to disagree with someone's post, you must at all times respond in a manner which is respectful and which encourages continued discussion of the topic or issue.

  • Keep in mind that this forum is to be used for academic purposes only; please no personal conversations or communications on the blogs.

  • Failure to follow the above guidelines will cause you to lose access to this wiki.

current class topics, peers’ independent reading selections, and/or student’s self-selected (but school appropriate) topics 200391340